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Judges Act

Version of section 33 from 2002-12-31 to 2003-03-31:

Marginal note:Deemed election and notice

  •  (1) Where a judge gives notice to the Minister of Justice of Canada and, where appropriate, to the attorney general of the province concerned of the judge’s election as provided in section 28, 29, 31 or 32 to be effective on a future day specified in the notice, being a day on which the judge will be eligible to so elect, the judge shall, effective on that day, be deemed to have elected and given notice thereof on that day pursuant to section 28, 29, 31 or 32, as the case may be.

  • Marginal note:Reference to attorney general of a province

    (2) In this section, a reference to the attorney general of a province shall be construed in relation to the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut as a reference to the Commissioner thereof.

  • R.S., 1985, c. J-1, s. 33
  • 1992, c. 51, s. 11
  • 1993, c. 28, s. 78

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