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Trademarks Act

Version of section 11.2 from 2014-12-09 to 2017-09-20:

Marginal note:Transitional

 Notwithstanding sections 11.14 and 11.15 and paragraphs 12(1)(g) and (h), where a person has in good faith

  • (a) filed an application in accordance with section 30 for, or secured the registration of, a trade-mark that is identical with or similar to the geographical indication in respect of a wine or spirit protected by the laws applicable to a WTO Member, or

  • (b) acquired rights to a trade-mark in respect of such a wine or spirit through use,

before the later of the date on which this section comes into force and the date on which protection in respect of the wine or spirit by the laws applicable to that Member commences, nothing in any of those provisions prevents the adoption, use or registration of that trade-mark by that person.

  • 1994, c. 47, s. 192
  • 2014, c. 32, s. 56(F)

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