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Trademarks Act

Version of section 53.3 from 2014-12-09 to 2019-06-16:

Marginal note:Unaltered state — exportation, sale or distribution

  •  (1) A court is not permitted, in any proceeding under section 53.1 or 53.2, to make an order under that section requiring or permitting the goods to be exported, sold or distributed in an unaltered state, except in a manner that does not affect the legitimate interests of the owner of the registered trade-mark or except in exceptional circumstances, if the court finds that

    • (a) goods bearing the registered trade-mark have been imported into Canada in such a manner that the distribution of the goods in Canada would be contrary to this Act; and

    • (b) the registered trade-mark has, without the consent of the owner, been applied to those goods with the intent of counterfeiting or imitating the trade-mark, or of deceiving the public and inducing them to believe that the goods were made with the consent of the owner.

  • Marginal note:Removal of trade-mark

    (2) Subsection (1) also applies with respect to goods for which the only alteration is the removal of the trade-mark.

  • 1993, c. 44, s. 234
  • 2014, c. 32, s. 45
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