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Canada Grain Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2020-07-01 to 2021-07-31:

SCHEDULE 4(Section 9, subsections 33(1) and 39(1), section 44, subsection 45(2), paragraph 57(a) and subsections 58(1) and 68(1))

FORM 1(Sections 44 and 45)

GRAPHIC IS NOT DISPLAYED, SEE SOR/93-24, S. 8; SOR/96-508, S. 57; SOR/2004-198, S. 38


[Repealed, SOR/2004-198, s. 39]


[Repealed, SOR/2000-213, s. 12]


[Repealed, SOR/2004-198, s. 40]

FORM 6(Sections 44 and 45)

GRAPHIC IS NOT DISPLAYED, SEE SOR/93-24, S. 8; SOR/96-508, S. 58; SOR/2004-198, S. 41; SOR/2012-153, S. 2

FORM 7(Subsection 33(1) and 39(1))

GRAPHIC IS NOT DISPLAYED, SEE SOR/93-24, S. 8; SOR/2004-198, S. 41; SOR/2005-361, S. 14(E); SOR/2006-206, S. 7(F)


[Repealed, SOR/2011-45, s. 4]

FORM 9(Section 58)Terminal Elevator Receipt

Receipt number:
Date of issue:
Name of elevator company:
This acknowledges receipt of grain of the kind, grade and quantity referred to in this form, in store in our elevator located at blank line for the account of blank line.
GrainProtein (%)
GradeNet tonnes
Dockage (%)Delivered via rail (ID)
Delivered via truck (ID)Vessel name
Date grain receivedAccrued storage paid to date
WARNING: If the charges accruing under this receipt have been unpaid for more than one year, the grain may be sold and after that the holder is entitled to receive, on surrender of this receipt, only the money received from the grain less those charges and the costs of sale.WARNING: The right of a holder of this receipt to obtain delivery of grain referred to in the receipt may be altered by the issuer by notice to the last holder known to them. Every holder must notify the issuer of their name and address without delay.
NOTE: If this receipt is issued for grain referred to in subsection 71(2) of the Canada Grain Act, the following statement is required to be printed on the form: “This receipt is subject to recall and adjustment”.


[Repealed, SOR/2013-111, s. 19]


[Repealed, SOR/2004-198, s. 43]


[Repealed, SOR/2020-63, s. 6]


[Repealed, SOR/2020-63, s. 6]

FORMS 13.1 AND 13.2

[Repealed, SOR/2004-198, s. 46]

FORM 14(Subsection 68(1))

Application for Producer to Obtain Railway Cars / Demande du producteur pour se procurer des wagons

Section A - Producer Identification (please print) / Partie A - Identité du producteur (en lettres moulées)
Principal Producer / Producteur principal

Producer Identification Number

No d’identification du producteur

Name / Nomblank line
Address / Adresseblank line
City / Villeblank line Province blank linePrimary Delivery Point / Point de livraison primaire
Postal Code / Code postalblank line
Telephone / Téléphoneblank lineFax / Télécopieurblank line
Email / courrielblank line
Secondary Producers / Producteurs secondaires







Producer ID Number

No d’identification du producteur

Section B - Application (please print) / Partie B - Demande (en lettre moulées)

Number of Cars Required

Nombre de wagons demandés

Week Preferred for Shipment

Choix de semaine d’expédition

Grade Estimate

Grade estimatif

Protein Level

Teneur de protéines

Placement of Car

Emplacement des wagons

Shipping Point and Railway

Point d’expédition et voie ferrée

Precise Siding and Placement on Siding

Voie de service et endroit précis sur la voie

Destination of Shipment

Destination de l’expédition





Section C - Declaration / Partie C - Déclaration

I, the undersigned, do hereby solemnly declare that

  • (a) 
    I am a producer as defined in the Canada Grain Act;
  • (b) 
    all of the information contained in sections A and B of this application is true and correct;
  • (c) 
    the grain can and will be loaded into the car(s) applied for within the limitations of my contract;
  • (d) 
    if the siding named in section B is not a public siding, I have obtained the permission of the owner to use the siding;
  • (e) 
    I am prepared to load either box cars or hopper cars;
  • (f) 
    the car(s) will not be loaded through a licensed elevator;
  • (g) 
    the car(s) will be loaded by the time the railway returns to pick it (them) up;
  • (h) 
    I will complete and return a Canadian Grain Commission shipping report;
  • (i) 
    the origin of the grain isblank line

Je soussigné déclare solennellement que :

  • a) 
    je suis un producteur au sens de la Loi sur les grains du Canada;
  • b) 
    tous les renseignements fournis dans les parties A et B de cette demande sont exacts et véridiques;
  • c) 
    le grain peut être chargé et sera chargé dans le(s) wagon(s) qui a (ont) été demandé(s) dans le cadre de mon contrat;
  • d) 
    dans le cas où la voie de service nommée à la partie B n’est pas une voie publique, j’ai obtenu la permission du propriétaire de m’en servir;
  • e) 
    je suis prêt à charger le grain dans un wagon couvert ou un wagon-trémie;
  • f) 
    le(s) wagon(s) ne sera (seront) pas chargé(s) par l’entremise d’une installation agréée;
  • g) 
    le chargement du (des) wagon(s) sera terminé au moment où la compagnie de chemin de fer viendra reprendre le(s) wagon(s);
  • h) 
    je remplirai et remettrai un rapport d’expédition de la Commission canadienne des grains;
  • i) 
    l’origine du grain estblank line

Applicant’s Signature / Date

Signature du demandeur / Date

Section D - Administrator and Consignee / Partie D - Administrateur et consignataire

Name of Administrator / Nom de l’administrateur

Name of Consignee / Nom du consignataire

Authorized Signature / Signature autorisée

Authorized Signature / Signature autorisée

The information in this document is required by the Canadian Grain Commission for the purpose of allocating railway cars to grain producers. Some information may be accessible or protected under the Access to Information Act. Information that could cause you or your organization harm if released is protected from disclosure under section 20 of the Access to Information Act.

Les renseignements demandés dans la présente formule visent à permettre à la Commission canadienne des grains d’affecter des wagons de chemin de fer aux producteurs de grain. Certains renseignements peuvent être accessibles ou protégés aux termes de la Loi sur l’accès à l’information. Les renseignements dont la divulgation pourrait porter préjudice à vous ou à votre organisme sont protégés aux termes de l’article 20 de la Loi sur l’accès à l’information.

FORM 15Special Bin Agreement


In accordance with section 57 of the Canada Grain Regulations, we agree to provide you with (quantity) (gross/net) tonnes of wheat equivalent space in our (location and identity of elevator) for the purpose of special binning (type of grain and variety, if applicable, or grain product).

The grain or grain product stored pursuant to this Agreement will be stored in

Bin Number(s):blank lineCapacity:blank line (Gross/Net)

Should the grain or grain product represented by this Agreement be transferred, for any reason, to any other bin(s), we agree to notify you and the Canadian Grain Commission of the new bin number(s), in writing, and this Agreement will be amended accordingly.

This Agreement becomes effective on blank line and will terminate on blank line when all grain or grain products stored in the above-mentioned bin(s) must be removed from the bin(s); otherwise, this Agreement remains in effect until the date on which all the grain or grain product is removed.

All charges assessed will be according to the applicable tariff rates filed by us with the Canadian Grain Commission.


blank lineblank lineblank line

DATED: blank line

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