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Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Pursuant to Subsection 23(1) of the Act



Registration 2016-06-15

Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Pursuant to Subsection 23(1) of the Act

P.C. 2016-426 2016-06-03

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of the Environment, acknowledges receipt, on the making of this Order, of assessments conducted under subsection 23(1) of the Species at Risk ActFootnote a by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada with respect to the species set out in the annexed schedule.


Endangered Species

  • Arthropods
    • Clubtail, Olive (Stylurus olivaceus)

      Gomphe olive

    • Efferia, Okanagan (Efferia okanagana)

      Asile de l’Okanagan

    • Hairstreak, Behr’s (Satyrium behrii)

      Porte-queue de Behr

  • Lichens
    • Lichen, Batwing Vinyl (Leptogium platynum)

      Leptoge à grosses spores

Threatened Species

  • Birds
    • Screech-owl kennicottii subspecies, Western (Megascops kennicottii kennicottii)

      Petit-duc des montagnes de la sous-espèce kennicottii

    • Screech-owl macfarlanei subspecies, Western (Megascops kennicottii macfarlanei)

      Petit-duc des montagnes de la sous-espèce macfarlanei

  • Plants
    • Cryptantha, Tiny (Cryptantha minima)

      Cryptanthe minuscule

  • Lichens
    • Lichen, Crumpled Tarpaper (Collema coniophilum)

      Collème bâche

Special Concern

  • Mammals
    • Pika, Collared (Ochotona collaris)

      Pica à collier

  • Birds
    • Grebe, Horned (Podiceps auritus) Western population

      Grèbe esclavon population de l’Ouest

    • Sandpiper, Buff-breasted (Tryngites subruficollis)

      Bécasseau roussâtre

    • Sparrow, Baird’s (Ammodramus bairdii)

      Bruant de Baird

  • Molluscs
    • Mantleslug, Magnum (Magnipelta mycophaga)

      Limace à grand manteau

  • Arthropods
    • Tachinid Fly, Dune (Germaria angustata)

      Mouche tachinide des dunes

  • Plants
    • Buffalograss (Bouteloua dactyloides)

      Buchloé faux-dactyle

    • Lily, Lyall’s Mariposa (Calochortus lyallii)

      Calochorte de Lyall

    • Prairie-clover, Hairy (Dalea villosa)

      Dalée velue

  • Lichens
    • Lichen, Peacock Vinyl (Leptogium polycarpum)

      Leptoge à quatre spores

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