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Presentation of Persons (2003) Regulations

Version of section 6 from 2008-01-31 to 2015-03-31:

Marginal note:CANPASS program

 The Minister may issue an authorization to a person to present themself in an alternative manner described in paragraph 11(a), (b), (c) or (e) if the person

  • (a) is

    • (i) a permanent resident, within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, or a Canadian citizen, or

    • (ii) a citizen or permanent resident of the United States;

    • (iii) [Repealed, SOR/2005-385, s. 6]

  • (b) is of good character;

  • (c) is not inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or its regulations;

  • (d) provides their consent in writing to the use by the Minister of biometric data concerning the person for the purposes set out in section 6.3;

  • (e) has provided true, accurate and complete information in respect of their application for the authorization; and

  • (f) has resided only in one or more of the following countries during the three-year period preceding the day on which the application was received:

    • (i) Canada or the United States, or

    • (ii) if the person is a citizen of Canada or the United States and is serving at a Canadian or American diplomatic mission or consular post in a foreign country, that foreign country.

  • SOR/2005-385, ss. 6, 16, 25
  • SOR/2006-154, s. 3
  • SOR/2008-27, s. 4

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