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Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area Regulations

Version of section 5 from 2008-04-17 to 2011-02-09:

 Every person who proposes to carry out a scientific research, monitoring, educational or commercial marine tourism activity in the Area shall submit to the Minister for approval, not less than 60 days before the day on which the activity is proposed to begin, a plan that contains

  • (a) the name, address and telephone number and, if applicable, the facsimile number and electronic mail address of a person who can be contacted in respect of the plan;

  • (b) a detailed description of the proposed activity that sets out

    • (i) its purpose,

    • (ii) the period or periods during which it is to be carried out,

    • (iii) its location on a map;

    • (iv) the types of data that are to be collected, if any, and the sampling protocols or other techniques to be used to collect the data,

    • (v) the types of equipment, if any, that are to be used during the proposed activity, including those for gathering data and, if any of the equipment is to be anchored or moored in the Area, the methods by which the anchoring or mooring is to be conducted,

    • (vi) the type and identity of every ship that is to be used to carry out the proposed activity, and

    • (vii) every substance, if any, that is to be deposited, discharged or dumped within the Area during the proposed activity;

  • (c) an assessment of the environmental effects that are likely to occur within the Area as a result of the proposed activity; and

  • (d) a list of every licence, permit, authorization or consent obtained or applied for in respect of the proposed activity.

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