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Cannabis Regulations

Version of section 237 from 2018-10-17 to 2022-12-01:

Marginal note:Research and development

  •  (1) A holder of a licence, if they undertake research and development activities, must retain a document that contains the following information:

    • (a) in respect of any cannabis that is used in the activities,

      • (i) its description, including, if applicable, its brand name,

      • (ii) the quantity used and, if applicable, the lot or batch number,

      • (iii) the date on which it is used, and

      • (iv) the purpose and a brief description of the activity;

    • (b) in respect of any cannabis that is produced in the course of the activities,

      • (i) its description,

      • (ii) the quantity produced,

      • (iii) the date on which it is produced,

      • (iv) if applicable, the date on which it is used for testing and the quantity used, and

      • (v) if applicable, the date on which it is placed in inventory intended for sale and the quantity placed in inventory; and

    • (c) any other information that can be used to reconcile the quantities of cannabis referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b).

  • Marginal note:Retention period

    (2) The document must be retained for at least two years after the day on which it is prepared.

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