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Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations

Version of section 16 from 2020-02-04 to 2022-09-26:

Marginal note:Circumstances

  •  (1) The Minister may cancel a registration in any of the following circumstances:

    • (a) the primary establishment has not provided the annual statement that is required under section 20;

    • (b) the primary establishment has not complied with the requirements set out in section 21 to provide additional documents or information;

    • (c) any information provided by the primary establishment to the Minister in accordance with these Regulations proves to be false or misleading;

    • (d) the primary establishment fails to take corrective action, within the required period, in accordance with subsection (2) or paragraph 13(2)(c);

    • (e) the corrective action that was taken by the primary establishment in accordance with subsection (2) or paragraph 13(2)(c) has not corrected the situation that gave rise to a notice of suspension or cancellation of the registration;

    • (f) the registration has been suspended for a period of more than 12 months;

    • (g) the Minister has reasonable grounds to believe that the primary establishment does not meet the requirements of these Regulations.

  • Marginal note:Notice

    (2) Before cancelling a registration, the Minister must send to the primary establishment a notice that

    • (a) gives the reasons for the proposed cancellation and its effective date;

    • (b) indicates that the primary establishment has an opportunity to be heard; and

    • (c) if applicable, indicates that corrective action must be taken by the primary establishment and the date by which it must do so.

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