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Navigation Safety Regulations, 2020

Version of section 240 from 2020-10-06 to 2021-06-22:

Marginal note:Radio inspection certificate

  •  (1) To engage on a voyage, the following vessels, other than a passenger vessel that is a Safety Convention vessel, must have a radio inspection certificate:

    • (a) a vessel that is 20 m or more in length;

    • (b) a towboat; and

    • (c) a passenger vessel that is engaged on a voyage any part of which is in Sea Area A1 or more than five nautical miles from shore on the sea coasts of Canada.

  • Marginal note:Safety certificate — passenger vessel

    (2) The master of a passenger vessel that is a Safety Convention vessel must keep on board the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate required under the Vessel Certificates Regulations.

  • Marginal note:Inspection certificate — Great Lakes Agreement

    (3) The master of a vessel that is required to be inspected under the Agreement between Canada and the United States of America for Promotion of Safety on the Great Lakes by Means of Radio, 1973, must keep on board an inspection certificate issued by the Minister evidencing compliance with subsection 205(3) of these Regulations.

  • Marginal note:Issuance of radio inspection certificate

    (4) The Minister must issue a radio inspection certificate to a vessel if the radio installation meets the requirements of this Part.

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