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Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations (SOR/78-830)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2022-07-30. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE II(Sections 9, 39 and 56)

Open Seasons and Bag Limits

Column IColumn IIColumn III
GameOpen SeasonBag Limits
1BeaverOct. 1 to May 10No limit
2BearAll yearNo limit
3BisonNo Open Season
4Caribou (woodland only)No Open Season
5CoyoteNov. 1 to March 31No limit
6Deer (mule and white tail)No Open Season
7FisherNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
8FoxNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
9Grouse and PtarmiganSept. 1 to March 31Possession of 25 per day in aggregate
10LynxNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
11MartenNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
12MinkNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
13MooseSept. 1 to May 101 per permit yearFootnote for Open Seasons and Bag Limits*
14MuskratOct. 1 to May 10No limit
15OtterNov. 1 to May 10No limit
16SkunkNo Open Season
17SquirrelNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
18Varying HareAll yearNo limit
19Wapiti (Elk)No Open Season
20WeaselNov. 1 to Feb. 28No limit
21WolfNov. 1 to March 31No limit
22WolverineNov. 1 to March 31No limit
23WoodchuckAll yearNo limit
  • Return to footnote *Item 13 — Bag limit does not apply to a person who holds a trapping permit and is residing on his trapline

  • SOR/91-420, ss. 6, 7

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