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Broadcast Technical Data Services Fees Order (SOR/82-281)

Regulations are current to 2024-04-01

Broadcast Technical Data Services Fees Order



Registration 1982-03-05

Order Prescribing the Fees to be Paid by the Private Sector for the Provision of Broadcast Technical Data Services

The Minister of Communications, pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 1981-252 of 29 January, 1981Footnote *, hereby makes the annexed Order prescribing the fees to be paid by the private sector for the provision of Broadcast Technical Data Services, effective April 1, 1982.

Dated at Ottawa, this 3rd day of March, 1982

Minister of Communications

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Broadcast Technical Data Services Fees Order.

Payment of Fees

 Every person who applies to the Minister of Communications for the provision of a service set out in Column I of an item of the schedule shall pay to the Minister prior to the provision of that service,

  • (a) where that service involves an initial subscription, the fee set out in Column II of that item;

  • (b) where that service involves a renewal or update, the fee set out in Column III of that item; or

  • (c) where that service involves a special request, the fee set out in Column IV of that item.

  • SOR/85-461, s. 1

 [Revoked, SOR/85-461, s. 2]



Item No.Column IColumn IIColumn IIIColumn IV
ServiceFee for Service on Initial SubscriptionFee for Service on Renewal or UpdateFee for Service on Special Request (where applicable)
1AM notification data
(a)  Canadian$455.00$35.00$15.00 service charge + 1.00 per item
(b)  American and Mexican2,720.00180.00
2AM allocation maps95.00160.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
3AM 0.5 & NIF maps1,645.00135.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
4AM provisional/hearing maps210.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
5AM assignment plan
(a)  Canadian35.00
(b)  American55.00
6Official list of assignments to standard stations in Mexico15.00
7FM provisional/hearing maps270.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
8FM service contour maps1,235.00230.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
9FM data sheets150.0025.0015.00 service charge + 1.00 per item
10Canadian FM broadcasting Allotment Plan sorted by province, allotments with assignments thereon, sorted by channel55.00
11U.S. FM channel allotments and assignments within 320 km of the common border50.00
12TV A&B contour maps1,020.00100.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
13TV data sheets420.0035.0015.00 service charge + 1.00 per item
14TV provisional/hearing maps245.0015.00 service charge + 3.00 per map
15TV allocation maps60.00
16Canadian TV channel allotment plan55.0055.00
17United States TV channel allotments and station assignments within 400 km of the Canada-U.S. border45.00
18Canadian TV allotments and station assignments40.00
19Annex 1 - Canada-U.S. TV agreement table of allocations with offset designations25.00
20List of Canadian low power television stations established under broadcast procedures 15 and 2210.00
21Ground conductivity maps100.00
22Complete program dump of AM, FM & technical data300.00 magnetic tape (1600 B.P.I. ANS label) 550.00 floppy disc
23Notices, broadcast procedures, bilateral agreements and technical bulletinsNo Fee
  • SOR/85-461, s. 3

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