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Marine Mammal Regulations (SOR/93-56)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2018-11-02. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE I(Section 2)

Common and Scientific Names of Marine Mammals

ItemColumn IColumn II
Common NameScientific Name
  • (a) Beluga

  • (a) Delphinapterus leucas

  • (b) Bowhead whale

  • (b) Balaena mysticetus

  • (c) Narwhal

  • (c) Monodon monoceros

  • (d) Right whale

  • (d) Eubalaena glacialis

2Sea otterEnhydra lutris
  • (a) Bearded

  • (a) Erignathus barbatus

  • (b) Grey

  • (b) Halichoerus grypus

  • (c) Harbour

  • (c) Phoca vitulina

  • (d) Harp

  • (d) Phoca groenlandica

  • (e) Hooded or Hood

  • (e) Cystophora cristata

  • (f) North Pacific fur

  • (f) Callorhinus ursinus

  • (g) Northern elephant

  • (g) Mirounga angustriostris

  • (h) Ringed or Jar

  • (h) Phoca hispida

  • (i) California sea lion

  • (i) Zalophus californianus

  • (j) Steller sea lion

  • (j) Eumetopias jubatus

4WalrusAny pinniped of the genus Odobenus

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