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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 302.01 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-06-29:

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), this Subpart applies in respect of

    • (a) an aerodrome that is located within the built-up area of a city or town;

    • (b) a land aerodrome that is used by an air operator for the purpose of a scheduled service for the transport of passengers; and

    • (c) any other aerodrome, other than an aerodrome referred to in subsection (2), in respect of which the Minister is of the opinion that meeting the requirements necessary for the issuance of an airport certificate would be in the public interest and would further the safe operation of the aerodrome.

  • (2) This Subpart does not apply in respect of

    • (a) a military aerodrome; or

    • (b) a land aerodrome referred to in paragraph (1)(b) where the Minister has issued a written authorization for each air operator using the aerodrome to land at and take-off from the aerodrome.

  • (3) The Minister shall issue an authorization referred to in paragraph (2)(b) where it is possible to specify conditions in the authorization that will ensure a level of safety in respect of the use of the aerodrome that is equivalent to the level of safety established by this Subpart, and, in any such authorization, the Minister shall specify those conditions.

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