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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 302.08 from 2008-01-01 to 2024-06-19:

  •  (1) The operator of an airport shall

    • (a) on the issuance of an airport certificate, provide the Minister with a copy of the airport operations manual, as approved by the Minister pursuant to subsection 302.03(2), and distribute copies of the applicable portions to the persons and institutions referred to in the airport operations manual;

    • (b) maintain the airport operations manual; and

    • (c) submit to the Minister for approval any proposed amendment to the airport operations manual.

  • (2) The provisions of this Subpart that apply in respect of the making of an airport operations manual also apply in respect of any amendment to an airport operations manual.

  • (3) An airport operations manual shall set out the standards to be met and the services to be provided by an airport operator.

  • (4) An airport operations manual shall contain

    • (a) a table of contents;

    • (b) any information relating to the administration of the airport, including

      • (i) a record of any amendments to the airport operations manual,

      • (ii) a list of holders of copies of the airport operations manual or of portions thereof,

      • (iii) a description of the procedure for amendment of the airport operations manual,

      • (iv) a description of the organizational structure and operational procedures of the airport management,

      • (v) an enumeration of the obligations of the operator referred to in section 302.07,

      • (vi) an undertaking, signed by the operator, in respect of the operator’s obligations under paragraphs 302.07(1)(c) and (d),

      • (vii) a statement, signed by the operator, certifying that the airport operations manual is complete and accurate, and that the operator agrees to comply with all of the conditions and specifications referred to therein,

      • (viii) a statement, signed by the Minister, that the Minister has approved the airport operations manual and any amendments thereto, and

      • (ix) a copy of any agreement or memorandum of understanding that affects the operation of the airport;

    • (c) all of the information necessary to verify that the airport meets the applicable standards set out in the aerodrome standards and recommended practices publications, as they read on the date on which the airport certificate was issued, and satisfies any conditions specified by the Minister pursuant to subsection 302.03(3) in respect of

      • (i) physical characteristics,

      • (ii) obstacle limitation surfaces,

      • (iii) declared distances,

      • (iv) lighting,

      • (v) markers,

      • (vi) markings,

      • (vii) signs,

      • (viii) emergency response measures,

      • (ix) airport safety measures,

      • (x) access to the movement area and control procedures, and

      • (xi) apron management plans and apron safety plans;

    • (d) an enumeration of the facilities and services provided and the measures in effect at the airport, including

      • (i) movement area maintenance services,

      • (ii) measures for the removal of disabled aircraft,

      • (iii) air traffic services and aeronautical information and communication services,

      • (iv) navigation aids, and

      • (v) aviation weather services;

    • (e) a description of movement area services and facilities provided at the discretion of the operator; and

    • (f) with respect to the safety management system required under section 107.02,

      • (i) a description of the system’s components specified in section 302.502, and

      • (ii) a list of the titles, dates and locations of any documents that are not in the airport operations manual and that describe how the operator is meeting its obligations with respect to the safety management system.

  • (5) The operator of an airport shall operate the airport in accordance with the airport operations manual.

  • SOR/2007-290, s. 9

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