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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 302.201 from 2022-12-21 to 2024-05-28:

 The following definitions apply in this Division.

community organization

community organization[Repealed, SOR/2022-267, s. 4]

emergency coordination centre

emergency coordination centre means a designated area to be used in supporting and coordinating emergency operations and whose location is specified under paragraph 302.203(1)(r). (centre de coordination des urgences)

full emergency standby

full emergency standby means attendance at an emergency scene and preparedness to respond at the necessary level when an aircraft has, or may have, an operational problem that affects flight operations to the extent that there is a possibility of an accident. (état d’alerte complet)

on-scene controller

on-scene controller means the person identified in an airport emergency plan as being responsible for the overall coordination of the response at an emergency scene. (coordonnateur sur place)

table top exercise

table top exercise means an exercise requiring the participation of the organizations and other resources identified in an airport emergency plan to review and coordinate their respective roles, responsibilities and response actions without actually activating the plan. (exercice en salle)

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